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About Us

Friends was chartered as a 501(c)3 organization with the IRS and state of Minnesota on Feb. 12, 1982. Friends’ two major events during the year have been the Spring Festival in May and Zoo Dazzle in December. Recently, we have decided to move in another direction with our events, so stay tuned! Over the years many other events have been sponsored, often in conjunction with other local and national organizations such as Audubon Society, Minnesota DNR and Community Education, including Christmas Bird Counts, Bird-a-thons, Volksmarches, Volunteer dinners, Halloween parties and the 40th Anniversary party in 2009

Recent Projects


This 2 acre, natural Playscape will challenge the imaginations of all our visitors, from age 1 to 99, providing a pathway through areas of adventure, art and education. 

Badger/Prairie Dog Exhibot

The Badger exhibit is two sided separating the badgers and prairie dogs, constructed of alternating glass, metal, and stone work walls. 

Animals Purchased

FOX had a busy year purchasing animals this year!


There are currently no events.

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