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Friends of Oxbow is a non-profit organization that supports the educational, environmental, and recreational goals of Oxbow Park. Established in the early 80s, Friends of Oxbow has been the primary engine that has driven the parks success. This advocacy group has donated well over $750,000 to Oxbow, and members serve a critical role as both advisors and advocates for the facility.

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 FOX Facts

    • Friends was chartered as a 501(c)3 organization with the IRS and state of Minnesota on Feb. 12, 1982.

    • Friends’ two major events during the year have been the Spring Festival in May and Zoo Dazzle in December. Recently, we have decided to move in another direction with our events, so stay tuned! Over the years many other events have been sponsored, often in conjunction with other local and national organizations such as Audubon Society, Minnesota DNR and Community Education, including Christmas Bird Counts, Bird-a-thons, Volksmarches, Volunteer dinners, Halloween parties and the 40th Anniversary party in 2009.

    • Over the years, Friends has raised nearly ¾ of a million dollars for Oxbow, and through its membership, has volunteered tens of thousands of hours in various capacities.

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