FOX Projects & Achievements


The Path of Imagination opened in 2015. This 2 acre, natural Playscape will challenge the imaginations of all our visitors, from age 1 to 99, providing a pathway through areas of adventure, art and education. The Playscape is primarily constructed with raw, natural elements, with a “nature study/science theme,” and with acute attention towards accessibility for children and adults of all ages and degrees of mobility. The Playscape is located just steps away from an accessible parking lot, and near the entrance to Oxbow Nature Center and Zollman Zoo.

In order to appreciate and foster the natural world around us, we need to immerse ourselves into our outdoor environment and gain an appreciation of the landscape, plants, and wildlife surrounding us. There is nothing more exciting than playing outdoors and letting nature lead your imagination towards wonderful adventures.

New Animals

With your support a number of new animals have been purchased over the years. We continue to diversify our exhibits to better serve and educate our visitors. 

Badger & Prairie Dog Exhibit

The Badger exhibit is two sided separating the badgers and prairie dogs, constructed of alternating glass, metal, and stone work walls. The exhibits is also be equipped with species-specific amenities; an ample amount of dirt allows for the badgers to dig, the prairie dog colony to tunnel, and allows for winter housing capabilities for both. Each side of the exhibit has a 10-foot wildflower shade structure hand-built by some of Olmsted County Park’s staff and volunteers. These exhibits are the home of two young, feisty American badgers and approximately 15 prairie dogs.

Friend’s of Oxbow is proud to be part of this exhibit by purchasing the 2 Badgers for the Zoo

Nature Center

Besides the establishment of the park, this is our largest project ever. The building is up and interior work is on-going. Check out the Nature Center page for more photos. 


Just a bunch of winter fun at the Zoo.